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United States
I love music and love to sing, my favorite type of music is country. And I don't care if no one thinks it is cool, I am my own person and like what I like.
I am the oldest child. Love the color purple, probably because it represents Alzhiemer's; which my Nana, my hero, has. Very shy, but love meeting new people. My dream job is becoming a veterinarian surgeon. But currently I work two retail jobs to eventually get out on my own.
Stolen from :iconsliferbenten:

Three names that you go by:

- Kass.

- Kassie.

- PeeWee.

Three screen names that you’ve had:

- Katharine-Elizabeth.

- Katharine-Barbette.

- Kass.

Three things you’ve gone in the last 33 minutes:

- Listened to music.

- Watched television.

- Browsed the internet.

Three thing that you like about yourself:

- My eyes.

- My height.

- My work ethic.

Three things that you dislike about yourself:

- My height.

- My skin.

- My lack of confidence.

Three parts of your origin:

- German.

- Native American.

- Irish.

Three things that you are afraid of:

- Losing my loved ones.

- Spiders!

- Heights.

Three things that you are wearing right now:

- Leggings.

- Top.

- Rings.

Three of your everyday essentials:

- Coffee.

- My phone.

- My dog.

Three important objects:

- Internet.

- My phone.

- My truck.

Three of your favorite bands: 

- Little Big Town.

- Fall Out Boy.

- Abba.

Three ways to be happy:

- Being able to sleep in.

- Getting off work early.

- Free food.

Three of you favorite songs at this moments:

- Alexandra Stan - We Wanna.

- Reba McEntire - Just Like Them Horses.

- Reba McEntire - Promise Me Love.

Three things that you want to try in the next 12 months:

- Back to school.

- Relaxing.

- Getting out on my own.

Three things that you regret:

- Cutting and dying my hair.

- Not seeing more of my Grandparents before it got too late.

- Not standing up for myself more.

Three things that you want in a relationship: 

- My independence.

- To not feel pressured about anything.

- Someone that will love me for my complicated self.

Three important things that you’ve given to the world:

- My stubbornness.

- My determination.

- Me.

Two truths and a lie:

- I now have 4 tattoos.

- I love to shop til I drop.

- I would rather work 40 hours a week than hang out with friends and family.

Three physicals things that you like in the opposite sex: 

- Their eyes.

- Their hair.

- Tattoos and piercings.

Three emotional things that you like in the opposite sex: 

- Fun to be around.

- Loyalty.

- Mature.

Three things that you just can’t do:

- Cure the sicknesses that hurt y loved ones.

- Make everyone happy in my family.

- Not be constantly busy. Always have to be doing something.

Three things that you miss from your past:

- My love for being able to play dolls 24/7.

- My Nana and Papa.

- My long ass hair.

Three gifts that you would like to receive:

- The completion of my I Love Lucy DVD collection.

- I rent free apartment.

- An amazing paying job with not outrageous hours.

Three reasons you are the way you are:

- My Nana.

- My Papa.

- My Mommy.

Three of your favorite hobbies:

- Listening and singing alone to my music.

- Reading.

- Playing with my doggie.

Three things that you really badly want to do right now:

- Go to Disneyland.

- Be in Washington State already.

- Want people to text me back…

Three carriers that yo are considering:

- Veterinarian surgeon. 

- Criminalist.

-Business owner.

Three places that you want to go for Holiday:

- Tennessee.

- Disneyland.

- Germany.

Three fictional characters:

- Kitty Russell.

- Caherine Willows.

- Maura Isles.

Three things that you want to do before you die:

- Travel to my favorite countries.

- Meet my favorite celebrities.

- Learn about my families past stories.

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